Patti P. Phillips, PhD

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Books by Patti Phillips

Show the Value of What You Do
SKU: 978-1523002276

Prove your effectiveness to anyone—and achieve professional success—by adapting the same ROI methods and metrics that leading companies use.

In an era of evidence-based inquiry, people need to be able to measure their success. In their new book, Patti Phillips and Jack Phillips aim to help readers see the value of their work and then share it with others.
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ROI Basics 2nd edition
SKU: 978-1562864064

ROI Basics aims to provide this baseline understanding to both novice and experienced learning and performance practitioners. The book carefully walks the reader through the ROI process from the planning stage, to the selection of appropriate programs, to the collection of data, and finally to the mathematical calculations that determine ROI.
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Value for Money
SKU: 978-1119322658

Written by two of the world's most well-known ROI (Return on Investment) gurus, this guide is indispensable for anyone involved in showing the value of money for projects and programs in governments, non-governmental organizations, nonprofits, and businesses. These range from human capital programs to marketing initiatives, technology implementations, systems integrations, quality and lean processes, public health initiatives, procurement procedures, public relations events, risk management policies, economic development programs, corporate social responsibility projects, public policy programs, branding activities, innovation programs, customer satisfaction projects, and everything in between.
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Real World Training Evaluation
SKU: 978-1562869076

Is your program ready for the real world? Real world evaluation is a balance between art, science, accuracy, and cost. To set your program up for success, you need to start the measurement and evaluation journey with a clear destination in mind. 
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Making Human Capital Analytics Work
SKU: 978-0071840200


While corporate leaders may well know the value of human capital, they don’t always understand the extent to which the HR function contributes to the bottom line. So when times get tough and business budgets get cut, HR departments often take the first hit. In this groundbreaking guide, the cofounders of ROI Institute, Jack Phillips and Patti Phillips, provide the tools and techniques you need to use analytics to show top decision makers the value of HR in your organization.
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The Bottomline on ROI
SKU: 978-1588545978

Winner of the ISPI Award of Excellence for Outstanding Instructional Communication

The ROI approach that satisfies even the most demanding execs.

Training professionals everywhere are feeling pressure to prove the value and impact which their training initiatives can bring to the organization. Without a proven return on investment, management buy-in and training budgets are in jeopardy.
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The ASTD Handbook for Measuring and Evaluating Training
SKU: 978-8130930886

A follow-on to ASTD's best-selling ASTD Handbook for Workplace Learning Professionals, The ASTD Handbook of Measuring and Evaluating Training includes more than 20 chapters written by preeminent practitioners in the learning evaluation field.
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